The Virginia School-University Partnership
The Virginia School Consortium for Learning


Thursday, November 16, 2017
9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
The Emmet Street Holiday Inn
Charlottesville, VA

Planning and Preparation

If your school would like to participate in the 2017 VSUP-VaSCL Student Leadership Conference (SLC), which will be held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 16, 2017, at The Holiday Inn (located at 1901 Emmet Street) in Charlottesville, Virginia, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Select THREE - Five students (representing grades 9-12) to attend the conference.

    Since there are now almost seventy school divisions that are members of VSUP-VaSCL, we do have to limit the number of participants which each school can bring to the Student Leadership Conference (SLC). If you have more than five students who would like to participate, please see #2 and #3 below for two ways in which we might be able to accommodate a few more participants from your school.

    You may use any method you wish to select your team of students, but please consider the following:

    • Are the students comfortable talking and sharing their ideas? Will they participate actively and voice their thoughts clearly in small group discussions with students from other schools?
    • Are the students good listeners? Will they be able to bring back ideas from the conference which they can share with other team members and the rest of your school community?
    • Do the students represent a cross-section of different ages and the various social groups within your school?
    • Have the students demonstrated strong leadership qualities or shown the potential to be influential in the future with their peers and with faculty and administrators at your school?
  1. Decide whether or not your school would like to make a presentation during the Share Fair Assembly at the conference (NOT required).

    One of the most valuable parts of the SLC each year is the opportunity it provides for student leaders to learn from each other about programs, events, and activities that are working well at other schools. This exchange of ideas happens informally throughout the conference, but it will be “formalized” at the Share Fair Assembly. If you CHOOSE to do so, your school can submit a proposal for a formal presentation that your students would give to a large audience (approximately 200 of the conference participants) during the Share Fair. The presentation would be FIVE minutes long and focused on some SPECIFIC aspect of your school. The goal is to make the presentation as engaging and informative as possible, so presenters whose proposals are accepted will be encouraged to include images, hand-outs, and/or activities which will enable the audience to imagine how they might be able to implement a similar program, event, or activity at their school.

    On the online form which is used to register participants for the conference, schools which wish to prepare a proposal for a presentation for this year’s Share Fair will be asked to provide a 50-100 word description of their TOPIC and to COMMIT to submitting a completed proposed presentation by Friday, OCTOBER 20, 2017.

    The TWELVE SCHOOLS whose proposals are SELECTED to be presented during the Share Fair will be notified by Monday, OCTOBER 30, so that they can finalize their preparations to deliver their presentation at the conference.

    Schools which make the COMMITMENT to PREPARING a presentation (even if their proposed presentation is not eventually selected) are rewarded for taking on this extra responsibility by being given the option of registering TWO additional student participants (for a TOTAL of SEVEN students) on their VSUP-VaSCL SLC team.

    In deciding whether or not your school wishes to commit to preparing a formal presentation for consideration for this year’s Share Fair, please consider the following:

    • Is there some aspect of your school which students are particularly proud of and which they feel students from other schools would like to learn more about?
    • Would your team of students want to make the commitment to preparing a formal presentation which will communicate clearly why this activity, event, or program is so successful at your school and how key elements could be incorporated into any other school?
    • Would the team from your school be willing to make sure your presentation adheres to the following requirements: five minutes in length, at least two students have speaking roles, limit of two minutes (total) of video, appropriate for large audience of high school students, submitted by the deadline, revised as necessary if selected, presentation materials posted on VSUP-VaSCL website?
    • Are there at least two students who are willing to take responsibility for planning and preparing the proposed presentation and submitting it by the deadline of Friday, October 20?
    • If your school’s presentation is selected, are those two students willing to work with the rest of the team from your school in preparing needed materials, practicing, and delivering the presentation?
    • Are the other students on your team also willing to play an active role in the presentation?
    • Are YOU, as the Faculty Advisor, willing to oversee the planning for this presentation and work with your team (if your presentation is selected) to ensure that students are fully prepared to deliver it?
    • Are YOU, as the Faculty Advisor, willing to give final approval to your students’ preparations to ensure that the presentation by your school will be appropriate?
    • Are YOU, as the Faculty Advisor, willing to play a supportive role during the presentation (NOT taking a speaking role, but being on stage to ensure that things go smoothly)?
  1. Determine if there are SENIORS on your team of participants who would like to volunteer to take on a leadership role at the conference by serving as SENIOR FACILITATORS (NOT required).

    If you have any seniors who are part of your team of participants, they can choose to take on extra responsibilities and play a leadership role at the conference by being registered as a Senior Facilitator. Senior Facilitators will be asked to perform extra duties during the General Opening Session and Share Fair Assembly, and they will be asked to serve as a Facilitator for one of the small group discussions that will be held during the conference. Senior Facilitators will also be asked to participate (either in person, or “virtually”) in a three hour Facilitator Training Session on the Wednesday evening (5 pm – 8 pm) before the conference.

    On the registration form, the grade of each student on your team will be indicated. If any seniors are registered, there will be an opportunity to indicate whether or not they are willing to volunteer to take on the extra responsibilities of serving as Senior Facilitators. If they do wish to be Senior Facilitators, a personal email address and phone number will also be required for each senior, so we can communicate directly with them about their duties. Please note: If your school decides to submit a proposed presentation for the Share Fair, seniors can be identified as BOTH Senior Facilitators AND as one of the two leaders of your school’s presentation.

    In identifying seniors who might be suited to serve as Senior Facilitators, please consider the following:

    • Is the student responsible and mature enough to follow through on commitments?
    • Is the student a good listener and confident speaker?
    • Will the student be effective in encouraging other students to open up, share their ideas, and participate actively in conference events?
    • Will the student be able to take good notes and share that information with others?
    • Can the student attend a facilitation training session on Wednesday, November 15, (5:00 pm – 8:00 pm; dinner and parking provided), at the Holiday Inn (1901 Emmet Street) in Charlottesville?
      (Training is REQUIRED for the senior to lead a discussion group. However, “virtual” training will be offered for students who cannot attend the Senior Facilitator Training session in person.)
  1. REGISTER your school’s team by the DEADLINE of FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2017.

    Please be sure to COMPLETE the online REGISTRATION FORM for your school by the DEADLINE of October 13.

    You should receive a confirmation email if your registration is successfully submitted.  We will NOT be able to accommodate schools which have not submitted their registration by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13.

    Please Note:

      1. Substitutions for specific participants can be made after the school’s registration has been submitted. If necessary, you can use “place holder” names to reserve the correct number of spaces for your participants.
      1. If transportation issues make it necessary for your team to arrive after 9:00 am or leave the conference before 3:00 pm, please notify me. We request an arrival by 9:15 am, and departure no earlier than 2:00 pm, PLEASE!
      1. If 400 SLC participants have NOT been registered by October 13, you will be notified. Schools with seniors who are willing to serve as Senior Facilitators will be given precedence in registering additional participants.
      1. There is NO CHARGE for your school to participate in this conference. However, if your team is not able to attend, you MUST CANCEL your registration by NOVEMBER 9, or your school will be charged $200.
  1. Meet with your school team prior to the conference.

    You should discuss the following in your pre-conference meeting(s) with your team:

    • The activities and programs in your school which are particularly popular and successful in meeting the needs and desires of students.
    • The issues and concerns that you need help in addressing at your school.
    • An overview of what will take place during the conference and student responsibilities during the conference. (Faculty Advisors will be sent additional details about the conference schedule and activities by Monday, October 30.)

If you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Liza Scallet
VSUP-VaSCL Student Leadership Conference Coordinator
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.