Membership Benefits, Programs, and Services

Membership in a professional learning consortium with more than 60 public school divisions from throughout the state of Virginia

Access to potential grant programs and teacher training opportunities in collaboration with various partners and programs

Representation on the Executive Board and through an annual meeting of all Superintendent members to network and share thoughts on current educational issues

Representation on the VSUP/VaSCL Professional Development Steering Committee for school division instructional leaders to plan professional learning opportunities based on current needs of members and to discuss key educational issues and concerns

Opportunities for teachers and administrators from member school divisions to participate in workshops and conferences featuring state and national presenters as well as a wide variety of local educational consultants and experts

Access to a Test & Task Bank with more than 12,650 high-quality multiple-choice items, as well as 46 tasks and rubrics, for Mathematics (Grades 3-8, Algebra I, and Geometry), Social Studies (Grade 3, VA Studies, U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Civics, World History I, and World History II), Reading (Grades 3-5), Writing (Grade 5), and Science (Grades 3-8)

Opportunities for teachers and instructional leaders to participate in Community of Practice sessions to create, review, and revise items, tasks, and rubrics for the Test & Task Bank

Participation at no charge for teams of students from each member division at the Annual Student Leadership Conference, which assists high school students in the development of leadership skills

Opportunities for school administrators to participate in leadership initiatives, with access to outstanding leaders in the field of education

Reduced fees and special rates to attend workshops and conferences